1.Q: Can I quit the mentoring program? A: Yes, please click: I would like to exit the W.L. Mentoring Program in your profile.

2.Q: Do I have to be a member of Women in Localization to be a mentor? A: No, there is no such obligations, but we invite you to sign up as a Women in Localization member. It's a free and inclusive program with many growth and networking opportunities.

3.Q: Can anyone be a mentor/mentee, regardless of gender? A: Yes, we invite all genders to participate as mentors or mentees.

4.Q: I received the suggested time and date for the mentoring meeting. Can I Accept/Reject/Suggest different directly from the email? A: No, this feature is not yet available on the platform. Please contact your match and decide on a suitable time and date. We will make sure to let you know when this feature is available.

5.Q: Do I have to be a member of Women in Localization to become a mentee? A: Yes, the Mentorship Program is a benefit for Women in Localization members.

6.Q: How can I become a Women in Localization member? A: Please sign up on our website.

7.Q: How long should the mentoring program last? A: Mentorship should last at least 6 months or longer, but that depends on both the Mentor and the Mentee and the goals they want to achieve.

8.Q: How does the mentorship matching work? A: Mentorship matching is based on an algorithm and the criteria set in your profile.

9.Q: How fast will I get a mentor/mentee? A: The speed of matching depends on how many Mentors and Mentees are available at any given time that match your requirements.

10.Q: Is it possible not to be matched? A: There can be a delay if there are not enough mentors. The Mentorship Program Admins monitor the matches but the final approval is done by mentor and mentee.

11.Q: How many mentees can a mentor have? A: You can have up to three Mentees at the same time if you have capacity.

12.Q: Do I have to meet my mentor/mentee in person? A: You can but you don’t have to. You can meet online.

13.Q: Is English mandatory? A: No, but due to the global nature of our members, unless the mentor and mentee speak the same language, for communication between the mentor/mentee, English is the lingua franca.

14.Q: Is the platform available only in English? A: Yes, the platform is available only in English.

15.Q: I will be unavailable for a certain time period, but don't want to remove my profile. What should I do? A: You can hide your account temporarily. Please click: Make my profile temporarily hidden in your profile.

16.Q: Can I be a mentor and a mentee at the same time? A: Yes, you can create a profile and then add another profile on the same account and with the same password. You will be able to switch between the two profiles in the platform.

17.Q: I noticed inappropriate content in the profile of a suggested mentor/mentee. What should I do? A: You should report it immediately by clicking on the Report spam link on their profile.

18.Q: I am a mentor and I am not happy with the suggested mentee match. What should I do? A: You can decline the match and wait for a new one.

19.Q: I want to finish the mentoring session earlier than planned. What should I do? A: You can end the match on the platform and inform your mentor or mentee.

20.Q: Can I disclose who my mentor/mentee is? A: Please refer to the Code of Conduct.

21.Q: Is this a paid program? A: No, it is free for Women in Localization members only as a benefit.

22.Q: Is a photo mandatory? A: No, mandatory fields are marked as mandatory.

23.Q: Is there a limit on the number of mentoring sessions I can have with my mentor/mentee? A: No, there is no limit.The amount of sessions is determined by both the mentor and the mentee.

24.Q: Can I schedule mentoring sessions at a time that is convenient for both me and my mentor/mentee? A: Yes, you click on Connect with your Mentor/Mentee and Book a Meeting on the platform.

25.Q: What topics can I discuss during my mentoring sessions? A: The topics can be: the localization industry, career opportunities, providing guidance and advice regarding your mentee’s goal(s), sharing best practices and/or personal anecdotes that may aid your mentee’s development, and offering networking referrals/introductions where appropriate.

26.Q: Can I invite other colleagues or experts to participate in my mentoring sessions? A: No, please invite colleagues to create their own account and wait to be matched.

27.Q: What happens if I miss a scheduled mentoring session? A: Cancel a meeting ahead of time (24-hours notice is recommended). Don’t cancel two or more meetings in a row, this will send the message that you don’t have time for the program anymore.

28.Q: How often should I have mentoring sessions with my mentor/mentee? A: It’s recommended to meet once a month. If more frequent sessions work well for both of you it’s OK, but most realistic is once a month.

29.Q: What should I do if I encounter technical difficulties during my mentoring session? A: Please report technical issues via the link provided which has a ticketing system and W.L. will address your issues within 72 hours.

30.Q: Can I provide feedback on my mentor/mentee and the mentoring program? A: Yes, you will be asked to fill in a survey after the match ends. You can also always contact W.L. directly from the platform and share your feedback before the match ends.

31.Q: Can I edit my profile after being matched with a mentor/mentee? A: Yes, you can edit your profile anytime.

Have a question or issue? Please let us know here: Mentorship Platform Support.